Wedding Florist in Wellington

 Flowers can be found in many different places at a wedding: from the bride’s bouquet to the
petals that adorn the path to the altar, from the brooch of the groom to the centerpieces.

Flowers are, in effect, an essential element of any wedding. They provide not only color but also textures, atmosphere, they even create shadow spaces that are added to those of the place of celebration and that give rise to small corners that invite you to relax, talk, share moments.

The beauty of flowers is an important part of the creation of that special environment that will make your link an unforgettable memory, not only in your memory but in that of your guests.

They are the key piece, too, so that your family members, your friends, feel comfortable, to inspire them to celebrate with you, to enjoy the party, the food, the conversations.

Flowers have meaning, their colors and aromas convey emotions and even stories, awaken memories, take us back to moments of our childhood or make us dream of those who are to come. 

The choice of perfect flowers is essential for your wedding to be exactly as you want. Its use is not only an element of design but a form of expression. 

We cannot resist the charm of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

Of all sizes, shapes, and colors, they are great protagonists of any wedding. Which will be yours?

Flowers inspire us, they transmit freshness, joy and, of course, love. They express our best wishes for happiness for the couple who is about to say ‘yes, I Do‘. If you are looking for a wedding full of style, elegance, and beauty in Wellington, do not hesitate to contact our OMG Flower Boutique team so that together we’ll achieve a fairy tale ceremony with a happy ending. Give us a call at 561-806-5818 or email us at

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