Wedding Florist in Miami

The role of florists for weddings is essential when it comes to turning a charming space into the
perfect setting to say ‘yes, I Do‘. 

Finding the florist that captures what you are looking for and the atmosphere you want to give your wedding is vital.

Classic style, groundbreaking, decadent, romantic or naive. There
are as many florists as styles; Therefore, we propose some of the most demanded by brides to order their bouquets and decorations.

Of course, we give you one last tip: do not let yourself be guided by the likes of each florist and choose the one that best reflects your style and personality.

Among our client’s favorite flowers for wedding decorations are peonies, orchids, hydrangeas and of course roses. Peonies and orchids are considered very feminine flowers, which convey sensuality and delicacy. Hydrangeas populate wedding centerpieces around the world. Roses, as we know, have been an unmistakable symbol of declarations of love in different cultures over the centuries.

Any special occasion seems incomplete without the presence of flowers. Proper floral
decoration can make a difference in an event, but it is especially important at weddings, whether religious or civil, intimate or mass.

A table would appear naked without a suitable center for the celebration, just as we do not conceive the bride without a bouquet, nor can we imagine the car without decoration. Flowers inspire us, they transmit freshness, joy and, of course, love. They express our best wishes for happiness for the couple who is about to say ‘yes, I Do.‘ If you are looking for a wedding full of style, elegance, and beauty in Miami, do not hesitate to contact our OMG Flower Boutique team so that together we’ll achieve a fairytale ceremony with a happy ending. 

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